Bahamas Water and Sewerage Corporation

ESI, in association with Smart Water Analytics (SWA), developed hydraulic models in WaterCAD® for 14 different water supply projects. The models were set up for 2035 water demands and prepared to run on Extended Period Simulations (EPS) for a minimum of 48 hours. The models were used to set the baseline conditions for new projects in the planning stage. The modelling runs included:

Energy Efficiency Assessment ‐ Using the hydraulic model, evaluated existing pumping alternatives to select the most efficient pumping system available to obtain the best‐fit balance of optimum hydraulic and energy efficiency.

Evaluation of Disinfection Systems – Analyzed disinfection efficiency by simulating water age and residual chlorine concentration for each project.

Analysis of Reliability and Redundancy of the Water Distribution System ‐ Used the hydraulic and water quality model to evaluate several scenarios regarding the vulnerability of the water system to:

• Extreme peak demands for the service areas

• Breakage of critical water mains

• Loss of power supply for pumps included in the project

• Mechanical pump failures at pumping stations

• Failure of disinfection system at the treatment plants

• Providing water storage and fuel storage for backup power for emergency situations

• Placing the facilities at locations to reduce potential climate change impacts

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