Peachtree MHP Pump Station

ESI has completed the design for Gwinnett County’s latest pump station improvement project. Gwinnett County will be accepting bids from contractors on January 14th, 2020.


Project Description:
The project involves modifications to the existing Peachtree Mobile Home Park (MHP) Pump Station (PS) including mobilization and demobilization, site clearing, site staking, excavation and grading, bypass tee installation, bypass pumping, demolition of facilities to be removed, installation of influent gravity sewer modifications, installation of a precast concrete structures, modification to the existing wet well, installation of a duplex submersible pump system, installation of flow meter and vault, site yard piping and valves, electrical and control system modifications, site concrete paving, site fencing, a concrete access driveway, finish grading, erosion control and site stabilization, and all related appurtenances for a complete and functioning system.

The work also includes installation of approximately 450 feet of 8-inch ductile iron gravity sewer, 80 vertical feet of precast concrete manholes, connection to existing sewers, installation of approximately 1,500 feet of 4-inch and 6-inch ductile iron force main, a new composite discharge manhole, connection to the existing sewer, installation of approximately 1,000 feet of 12-inch ductile iron watermain, two fire hydrant assemblies, four gate valves, connections to existing water mains, reconnection of existing water service connections, repaving Pine Street, driveway cut restoration, sidewalk restoration, curb and gutter restoration, site restoration with sod and permanent grassing, erosion and sedimentation control, and all related appurtenances for a complete and functioning system.

Bid Information

Information on this project, including how to obtain plans and specs, is available on our website.

Peachtree MHP PS Improvements

Wyckoff/Mars Hill Rd. 42” Pipeline Replacement

The Cobb County-Marietta Water Authority selected ESI to design the replacement of an an aging water line.


The existing 42” prestressed concrete cylinder pipe (PCCP) will be replaced with approximately 7,000 LF of 42” zinc-coated ductile iron pipe (DIP) water main. The line will run from the Hugh A. Wyckoff Water Treatment Plant to Highway 41 and connect to an existing main at Mars Hill Church Road.

Mid-South Builders was selected as contractor and will be working with ESI’s Resident Project Representative, Patrick. Work is already under way and expected to be completed early 2020.

Groover Mtn Tank Painting

The Cobb County-Marietta Water Authority is accepting bids for the Groover Mountain Tank Painting. The bid opening is October 9, 2019. Visit the project page for details.

ESI is managing the bid for CCMWA and bidding documents are available at our office for $50.00.


Highway 41 Water Main Replacement

The Cobb County-Marietta Water Authority selected ESI to provide the design and engineering of approximately 12,000 LF of 20” zinc-coated ductile iron pipe (DIP) water main along Highway 41, north of Mars Hill Road.

The purpose of the project is to parallel an existing 24” pre-stressed concrete cylinder pipe (PCCP) located on the west side of Cobb Parkway with a 20” zinc-coated ductile iron pipe (DIP) water main to be located on the east side of Cobb Parkway.

Reynolds Construction was selected as contractor and will be working with ESI’s Resident Project Representative, Joe Z. Work is already under way and expected to be completed early February 2020.

Cobb County Water System – Pinetree-KSU Outfall Sewer Upgrade

The Cobb County Water System has selected ESI to provide the design and engineering of approximately 6,000 feet of a sanitary outfall sewer. This outfall sewer will replace an existing line that is aged and undersized. Included in the scope of services is field survey and data collection, route selection, preparation of preliminary and detailed designs, easement plat preparations, investigation of wetlands and environmental and cultural resources, preparation of permit applications, preparation of bid documents, and bid assistance. Work on this project is expected to begin in 2016.



Water Loss Control

With respect to water loss control and improving water supply efficiency, ESI, in association with Smart Water Analytics (SWA) has just been selected by GEFA to develop pilot pressure management evaluations and District Metering Areas (DMAs) for four water systems in Georgia. SWA is the lead firm of the GEFA project team which also includes international expert Julian Thornton, who was the Chairman of the sub-committee involved in preparation of the AWWA M36 Manual for Water Audits and Loss Control Programs. This experience will be helpful in assisting our clients to comply with the rules for public water systems to improve water supply efficiency.

Bahamas Water and Sewerage Corporation

ESI, in association with Smart Water Analytics (SWA), developed hydraulic models in WaterCAD® for 14 different water supply projects. The models were set up for 2035 water demands and prepared to run on Extended Period Simulations (EPS) for a minimum of 48 hours. The models were used to set the baseline conditions for new projects in the planning stage. The modelling runs included:

Energy Efficiency Assessment ‐ Using the hydraulic model, evaluated existing pumping alternatives to select the most efficient pumping system available to obtain the best‐fit balance of optimum hydraulic and energy efficiency.

Evaluation of Disinfection Systems – Analyzed disinfection efficiency by simulating water age and residual chlorine concentration for each project.

Analysis of Reliability and Redundancy of the Water Distribution System ‐ Used the hydraulic and water quality model to evaluate several scenarios regarding the vulnerability of the water system to:

• Extreme peak demands for the service areas

• Breakage of critical water mains

• Loss of power supply for pumps included in the project

• Mechanical pump failures at pumping stations

• Failure of disinfection system at the treatment plants

• Providing water storage and fuel storage for backup power for emergency situations

• Placing the facilities at locations to reduce potential climate change impacts

Demand Services

In addition to project specific contracts with various municipalities, ESI has also been selected to provide on-call engineering services by Cobb County-Marietta Water Authority, Rockdale County Water Resources, the Jackson County Water and Sewerage Authority, and Cherokee County Water and Sewerage Authority.

City of Griffin, GA – Still Branch WTP Conversion to DAF

Raw water for the 8-MGD Still Branch Water Treatment Plant comes from a pumped storage reservoir that has a very small drainage basin. This combination results in raw water with a very low turbidity of less than 1 NTU, which makes conventional treatment challenging due to the difficulty of making a settleable floc that also provides for long filter runs. The floc that is formed in flocculation and sedimentation tends to shear easily and results in short filter runs of the downstream multi-media filters.
ESI worked with the City of Griffin to evaluate the plant in preparation for an expansion needed to meet future demands. The recommendation that resulted from the evaluation was to convert the sedimentation step prior to filtration to Dissolved Air Flotation (DAF). The DAF process requires the formation of only a small pin floc that will float instead of the denser floc required in sedimentation. The conversion to DAF designed by ESI will result in significant savings to the City of Griffin immediately after construction is completed in 2014 and in all future expansions to the facility, which was designed originally to be expanded from the initial capacity of 8 MGD to an ultimate capacity of 48 MGD.

Henry County Water Authority – Water and Sewer Master Plan Update

ESI is updating the 30-year master plans for the Henry County Water Authority’s water and sewer systems. These important updates to the plans will be used by the Authority in preparation of 5-year Capital Improvement Plans through the Year 2045. The updated plans will also be submitted to the Metropolitan North Georgia Water Planning District for the District’s 2016 updates to the Long-Term Wastewater Management Plan and the Water Supply and Water Conservation Management Plan.

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